Detox Protocols

In our Detox Protocols you will find specific instructions on how to rid yourself of environmental toxins or address specific health issues. 


Detox Protocols

Dr. Alina Lessenich - In unseren Ausleitungsprotokollen findest Du Anleitungen, wie Du Umweltgifte ausleiten kannst.

In our Toxin Removal Protocols, you will find specific instructions on how to rid yourself of environmental toxins, or address specific health issues.

The protocols are currently under editing. Requests for individual protocols are gladly accepted by e-mail to

Detox Protocol COVID Vaccines/Protection From Shedding


This protocol is designed to provide vaccinated individuals with options and ways to protect themselves from possible negative effects of the Corona vaccination and to eliminate potential toxins as quickly as possible.

This guide can also be used by unvaccinated people to protect themselves from the so-called “shedding phenomenon”, i.e. symptoms occuring in unvaccinated people after contact with vaccinated people.

Therapy Protocol Vaccine Side Effects/Long COVID: Neuroinflammation and Mitochondriopathy (“Neuroinflammation Protocol”)

This protocol is intended to educate about symptoms such as fatigue (severe fatigue and general weakness), brain fog (memory problems and problems foccusing), headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, anxiety disorders, or depression that may occur after a covid infection or the vaccination, and how to deal with them.

Protocol for the detoxification of environmental toxins


This protocol is intended to show possibilities and ways to gently eliminate environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate, fluoride, flame retardants, microplastics, etc.

Protocol for the detox, decalcification, and reactivation of the pineal gland.

This protocol is designed to show how to detoxify, decalcify and reactivate the pineal gland, our overriding master gland, which plays a critical role in both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Protocol for hair loss therapy in general, as well as after contracting Corona, or receiving the Corona vaccine

This protocol is designed to show how to treat hair loss naturally, and promote the growth of healthy, thick hair.

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