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Why I do what I do:

I’ve suffered from chronic headaches, neck and back pain caused by cervical trauma ever since I was a child.
Over the years, other symptoms were added, including chronic gastrointestinal problems, hives, and hair loss – but doctors had no solutions for me.

A few years ago, I broke my wrist while working as an equine veterinarian. Everything came to a halt and I couldn’t work for months. And I realized that I couldn’t – and didn’t want to – go on like this. So I decided to start looking for solutions myself.


Alina Lessenich - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy

I read books and scientific studies, attended seminars, worked with mentors, tested numerous diets and healing methods – and my efforts were rewarded! Little by little, more and more pieces of the puzzle revealed themselves and I gained valuable insights.

I want to share the things I’ve experienced and learned, the things that helped me, with you through my videos and courses. May they also help you to transform your health – and your life !

Lots of love

Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy
Team Anita - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


Anita was so enthusiastic about Alina’s 1:1 coaching sessions that she happily volunteered to be her assistant. Based in Switzerland, she represents the German-speaking region outside of Germany.

As a former teacher and social worker, Anita brings social and organizational skills to the team.

Responsibilities: seminar and team organization, correspondence

Team Sigrid - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


A story of her own illness led Sigrid to look more deeply into energetic and holistic healing methods. She came across Alina’s Telegram Channel and felt drawn to the way it combines knowledge, health topics, and warmth, all in one.

Before Sigrid joined Alina, she worked as a graphic designer.

In her new job, she can now combine both areas of interest (health and graphic design).

Responsibilities: Online event organization, video editing, correspondence

Team Lea - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


Lea combines the creative and the commercial. Just as water flows from the source to the sea, she loves to help shape and implement entire processes from design through production all the way to marketing. She sees her creative power as a service to God.

Lea is a trained industrial clerk and yoga teacher with the strength to create and implement new projects in different areas.

Responsibilities: Marketing, web design, social media, graphics, congresses

Team Berit - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


Ines has an eye for the big picture. She sees results from a distance, and has a bird’s eye view of how to get to them, in a goal-oriented manner.

Despite a good overview, no detail should be lost. With this keen eye for detail, Ines transforms every text and image into a feast for the eyes.

Responsibilities: social media, congresses, graphics, editing

Team Lea - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


Andrea has a great love for nature and all living creatures around her. It is close to her heart to make sure that everyone is doing well. Andrea likes to express herself creatively, decorating and designing with a lot of passion and talent.

Having already attended some online workshops and seminars by Alina, she happily decided to join the team and actively participate in these events.

Responsibilities: seminar organization, co-hosting, creative and administrative activities

Team Berit - Unser Team – BODY – MIND – SOUL – Academy


Berit is a certified nutrition and health consultant, and has a vast knowledge about local and traditional medicinal plants. She attended seminars with Alina as part of her continuing education,

Berit loves to create projects herself, to implement ideas and to inspire others with her enthusiasm.

Responsibilities: seminar technology, support for various projects, co-hosting

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